Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mirror Under Florescent Lights at 1 a.m. (MB)

Hey again, Abigale.  Just letting you know that ever since I read your last post, and wrote my response, I've realized I've been harping on the "work and toil and figure out the main game" theme way too hard with myself and my kids.  I think my last post tries to emphasize the importance of the balance between instilling and honoring basic work values and the ability to play by the rules to ensure survival, versus encouraging and inspiring the outlandish dreams that might be seeds of greatness.  But in reality, I've been way more concerned about me and my kids playing by the rules, and -- true confession -- I have become quite the nagging mother about it all.  I guess even after reflection these last days, I stand by my pleas for balance between the two approaches -- get your bearings on the main game and hard work while never abandoning crazy dreams.  But I've started a new mantra at home, and as I speak it, I realize how unfamiliar it feels: "What's your dream?"  My little family has been missing that, at least as a legitimate way to talk about things, for a little while now, what with the onset of high school and those damn permanent transcripts (Peter), the start of middle school and real deadlines and grades (Madeline), and the 7-year-itch in the work force since law school graduation (Me -- trying like hell to play by the rules since 2005).  Not to mention the constant pounding of the radio news and TV news telling us about how much harder it is to make it these days, talking about kids living at home til they are thirty (30) years old, talking about this and future generations not being able to own their own house, talking about college being so hard and expensive to get into . . . .but perhaps this context, this horrible economy, actually makes your case.  If we're facing such poor odds on such hard work, why not roll the dice on the dream?  Thanks for the reminder, my mirror under florescent lights at 1 a.m.  We mustn't forget the possibility of those rare and special dreams and the rare and special ways we may just pull off a good con.  Lord knows playing by the rules isn't a cakewalk either way. 

What's your dream, baby?

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