Friday, April 5, 2013

12 Days of Spring Break in Haiku (MB)

I lied about writing my next blog post about "everything I need to know I learned from Downton Abbey".  That is/was a great idea but unfortunately the moment passed.  Winter was a great time to be inspired by Downton, but spring may actually be arriving now and it's time to turn my attention to the other long-awaited historic TV pleasure, Mad Men.

Instead, I have a simple reflection on our much-needed Spring Break trip last week (plus).  Here goes.

Day 1:

Comfy on highway
Blackberry still buzzing but
Quiet by Pittsburgh

Day 2:

Finally slept; now --
Sun on Capitol Hill for
Collins wedding fun

Day 3:

Precious and subtle;
Son and daughter, with our clan
In D.C.'s riches

Day 4:

Cousins, kin; we love
That in this big cold city
We are everywhere

Day 5:

Nieces and nephews
Fresh, demanding; fleeting times
Today, back on road

Day 6:

Nana, Mads in back
Peter, shotgun; we stop to
Walk Williamsburg, scan Norfolk

Day 7:

Beach motel, fresh air
Vast seascapes, golf for Peter
Happy fish dinner

Day 8:

Tunes through rich coast lands
Drop Nana with Papa; slip
in stop with old friends

Day 9:

Wake in the mountains
Many memories, echos
Growing parents, kids

Day 10:

We all hike to top
Blue Mountain, huddle, safe perch
End day with art, eggs

Day 11:

Lazy Easter morn
Kids: treats, play; moms: coffee, talk
We take off again

Day 12:

Louisville bridges --
Listen to Opening Day
Home, little snow left