Saturday, April 30, 2011

Oh, Shotwells -- where are you? (MB)

Hi, Ab:

I only have time for a very quick note.  I am in the hometown with my little (now big) girl.  We are doing some family visiting and hanging out.  The young man stayed back in Madison to sleep over with a friend and play in his baseball game, golf, fish, etc (we were shocked he did not prefer to join us).

Just wanted to touch base since I think I missed a call on my cell phone from you a few days ago but did not get a message.  Wondering where you all are and how things are going.

As you know, I was in SF with my main squeeze last week.  We had a lot of fun.  First time I've "gotten away from it all" (kinda sorta --worked a bit every day, but not bad) in forever!

Funny tidbit -- there is an SUV with Indiana plates in your driveway, and an Indiana Colts flag outside of your house.  I knew it was real when I saw that driving the kids to school the other day.

I hope you guys are traveling well and having fun.  We miss you already, but know that you'll have good tales to tell soon.  I'll fill you in more when I have more time.  I have some good nuggets from our time in the Bay Area, and also some fun updates from Madison.

But -- more later.  For now, be well and love to all those boys.



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